1. GEO IP Databases

Here is explanation why you might have different GEO location than our socks proxy list.

As introduction, make sure you check proxy IP by connecting to it and going to GEO checker website. If you only copy IP address, but not connect - you might check location of OUR server - not the real proxy location.

To see real IP of proxy, you have to connect to it.

First of all - the process of determining Location of proxy is done using so called "GEO IP Databases".

There are many databases, produced by different vendors.

The most popular are:

  • MaxMind
  • IP2Location
  • DB-IP

It means, that if one site uses Maxmind DB and another one uses IP2Location DB -  the resulting location MIGHT be different (usually it's not).

2. Example of GEO location mismatch

Let's check following IP address using different GEO IP databases:

There's a site where you can check IP location using all databases at once. It's https://www.iplocation.net/.

If we check mentioned IP address we get following results:

As you can see, the results are different for each GEO IP database:

  1. IP2Location - USA, Georgia, Atlanta
  2. MaxMind - USA, Texas, Dallas
  3. DB-IP - USA, Texas, Dallas
  4. ipinfo.io - USA, New Jersey, Absecon
  5. EurekAPI - USA, Texas, Dallas

So if you're checking proxy and getting different location than we advertise on socks list, then it's because the site you're checking on is using different GEO IP database than ours.

We're using commerical MaxMind DB to perform lookups, it's the most popular database and it's used on most sites - but not all.