1. Funds not added to account after BTC payment

When your funds are not reflected on your premsocks account after 15-45 minutes since the BTC payment was sent this is usually caused by slow btc network or not enough btc fee set.

Payment is being applied automatically when there's 1 confirmation on the transaction.
When you don't add enough btc transaction fee, this can take long time when the BTC network is overloaded.
You can learn more what BTC Transaction Fee is by visiting following link:


In this case, premsocks can't do anything - all you can do is wait until transaction completes.
If the transaction has at least 1 confirmation, the funds should be reflected to your premsocks account.

Don't worry, your funds are not lost - they will be added to your account even if we receive BTC confirmation 5 days later.

Once funds are added to your account, you will receive confirmation email message to email address associated with your premsocks account.

2. BTC Transaction has no confirmation after 2 days, will my funds be lost?

No, after 72 hours if your transaction is not confirmed - it will be canceled by bitcoin network and cash will returned to your bitcoin wallet.