If the proxy that you fetched goes offline quickly or is dead, you can request automatic refund by visiting refunds page.

The refund is performed automatically and you will be credited in cash or one proxy will be added to your daily subscription.

During the refund process, the proxy is tested whether it's online or not. The system checks the proxy from two different locations so when refund system states that the proxy is online, then it's online and there has to be some sort of setup or connection issue on your side.

In such scenario you should try to look for setup or connecting issues - we highly recommend reading this article:


The system tests proxy by connecting to it, so you can use it  - to check if proxy is alive as well.

Also we ban online proxy checkers - other websites where you can see if proxy is alive (to prevent proxy leaks), so don't use them  - they will always tell you that the proxy is offline - while it's not.

Proxies that have some sort of blacklist entry on it - are not refundable.