Here is the common solution of how to make the proxy work:

Troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure you understand proxy format
  2. Visit Connection Tester from computer/server that you plan to use our proxies from and make sure no errors are returned.
  3. Check "List of Possible reasons why proxy does not work" such as VPN's/TOR
  4. Ask a friend to connect from his computer
  5. Refund proxy

These steps are explained below.

Make sure you read entire article before contacting support.

Proxy Format

First of all, make sure you understand the mechanism of our proxies.
When you fetch a proxy from our socks list by clicking on it, usually the proxy data will appear in this format:

It means: -> is the proxy IP/Host
3333 -> is the proxy Port.

So no "IP" is present here, but the hostname - When you put it in your proxy settings, it will automatically resolve to the correct IP address, so you don't have to worry about this.

Example setup in Firefox:

Displaying proxy as IP

If your software does not support hostnames (only plain IP addresses), you can fetch proxies in IP:PORT format. To do this, please go to your account settings and enable such option.

After enabling the option, when you fetch a proxy - it's is now displayed in IP:PORT format.

You can read more about the procedure in FAQ #3 on our website

Connection Tester

Connection tester is automated way to diagnose your problems, it can help you diagnose issues with connecting to proxies.

It will check if connection to remote proxy ports are not blocked by your ISP and for other reasons specified below - "List of Possible reasons why you can't connect".

Make sure to launch it before you submit support ticket.

Connection Tester, checks if you can connect from your current IP (the IP that you use, when visiting Connection Tester page) to our proxies.

If you use our proxies on remote server, you need to visit Connection Tester from that server.

After visting the Connection Tester, the results will appear after around 10 seconds.

If you get any "FAILED" messages, please contact support. Make sure to attach the results of Connection Tester.

Click Here To Visit Connection Tester

List of Possible reasons why you can't connect (proxy does not work):

  1. If you port scanned/port guessed our servers, then your IP could have been banned (if you dont know what port scanning is, then this is surely not an issue)
  2. Someone scanned our servers from the same VPN server that you use, which means the VPN IP might be banned by us.
  3. Your IP might be also banned by our servers if you used TOR while connecting (because a lot of port scanning is done using TOR network).
  4. You use free/paid VPN and they have blocked outgoing ports (e.g you are not able to make outoing connection to port 3333. Some services allow only to access HTTP/HTTPS traffic - that's 80/443 port. Rest is blocked)
  5. Your ISP blocks outgoing ports. This mostly happens using PUBLIC WIFI and internet at work-places.
  6. You're using HTTP instead of SOCKS proxy, remember - our proxies are SOCKS5. Make sure the software you use supports this protocol.
  7. You tried to send SPAM, using SMTP port 25. We don't allow any kind of spam and your IP will be temporarly banned for 1 hour - when we detect outgoing spam attempt.

If you suspect any of above reasons, please try to troubleshoot like below:

  1. If you use VPN, test proxy without VPN or try different VPN server.
  2. If you use public WIFI, try on other connection.
  3. If you use TOR, disable TOR.
  4. If proxy does not work on your PC, ask a friend to do test for you on his PC.

Connection Tester, can detect if your IP is banned by our servers as well as check if you can connect to outgoing ports.

Click Here To Visit Connection Tester

Refund System

If the proxy still does not work, you can request automatic refund here shortly after fetching.

The system tests proxy by connecting to it, so you can use it  - to check if proxy is alive as well.

If the systems says that the proxy is online, you should try to look for issues (like listed above) on your side.

Also we ban online proxy checkers - other websites where you can see if proxy is alive (to prevent proxy leaks), so don't use them  - they will always tell you that the proxy is offline.

If this still does not help you, please contact us by making a support ticket or by sending us an email - we'll help you out.